About that Comeback…

Despite much emotional turmoil these past few weeks, I have only good news to report on the comeback front. I’m so excited to report that I’ve been walking and swimming regularly for the past month and a half with no additional pelvic muscle pain. And I’ve even been able to do many of my old work out tapes including my beloved Tae Bo—the entire work out, but of course I’m mindful to take it easy during certain moves.  

The muscle pain isn’t 100% gone, but I would guess I’m solidly at around 85-90% healthy. I’ve been slowly increasing my speed on the treadmill every few weeks and lately I’ve started to feel more like an athlete again. In fact, the past few walks I’ve had the resist the urge to try a light jog. I know it’s too soon for that, but I’m thinking of trying to start Couch to 5K again around my birthday in October. But I won’t push too hard because I don’t want to injure myself again. 

Bottom line, after a little over 5 months I’m finally getting back fully into the saddle. And bonus points for my continued dedication to not eating potato chips (over a month now!) and sticking to my Weight Watchers plan. I have my first weigh in in two months this Thursday. I’m hoping for some positive feedback from the scale but regardless of the number, I’ve noticed some of my clothes are fitting a little looser.

This just might be the beginnings of an epic comeback… 


Oh man! Today marks the first time in almost 4 months that I was able to do an exercise more strenuous than pilates or swimming without experiencing immediate pelvic muscle pain! I did my 20 minute Zumba workout tonight (ommitting all jumps of course and still taking it pretty easy).  I tried to continue these workouts after my injury but I quickly realized that even an easy, modified Zumba workout aggravated my injury.

Could this be real progress at long last? We’ll see how I feel in the morning. If I can add in my modified short Zumba routine for a week or two with no additional pain then I’ll work on slowly walking on the treadmill. After that is successful then I’ll focus on brisk walking and eventually (way down the road) slowly jogging. Baby steps to wellness!

Ugh…it’s Monday. I swear Mondays never get easier! But I did have a busy weekend filled with fun and quality time with some of the people I love most.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to attend a service project I organized. It was fun and we helped beautify a few blocks that needed some TLC. But, it was quite cold and despite my layering the pesky cold that was finally almost beaten got a second wind. So far no congestion so I’m still winning that war. I need to kill the cold by Saturday because it’s little league and tee ball season and my gang of nephews all have games and need their best cheerleader! Saturday night I went to B’s surprise party which was fun and interesting. And yesterday I hung out with the parents which is always fun. I haven’t had a weekend that busy in a long time and I’m exhausted.

Today I must work to pay the bills and have a follow up appointment with my doctor about this injury. Hopefully she’ll be able to figure out what’s going on and I’ll be on the road to recovery. I miss my work outs! But at least my eating has improved so maybe I’ll manage to lose a little weight in the meantime. Cross your fingers for a simple diagnosis with a condition that has an easy and hopefully not too prolonged cure!