I did a 28 day fitness challenge in February. The goal was to work out for at least ten minutes each day. I wasn’t perfect, but I did complete 22 days out of the 28. I have decided to restart this challenge each month until I successfully work out for 28 straight days. This month I want to beat last month’s 22 workouts. I also want to have more workouts that last at least 20 minutes.

It’s crazy to think that a few years ago I was working out all the time. This challenge is helping me ease back into a good workout routine.

I am happy to report that I lost a few pounds in February. I am tracking all of my food again and am bringing my lunch to work everyday. I have saved a ton of calories and money by making that small change! Winning all around! Now I just need to keep at it so I my poor clothes start fitting better.

Once upon a time I lost 70 pounds. I was unemployed and depressed when I started this endeavor. At one of my lowest moments I joined Weight Watchers and became very active. I completed a super sprint triathlon. I bought cute dresses. I was well on my way to a healthy weight.

Then I slowly loosened the reins on my food restrictions. I started eating chips again. I stopped tracking my food intake. And I suffered an injury that severely limited my work outs for a long time.

I maintained my weight pretty well for a while after gaining back about 10 pounds. Then I finally found a permanent job again a year ago after almost three years of under and unemployment. I fell into my old stress eating routines. Even when my nagging injury was manageable after physical therapy I couldn’t rediscover my work out groove. I continued to binge eat chips several nights a week. I stopped making my lunch and ate out almost everyday. My cute clothes no longer fit.

I regained almost 40 pounds in a year. I still can’t believe it! It is so hard to lose but oh so easy to gain. I finally stopped pretending and have started my journey to health again. It is a slow process. There aren’t big losses each week like I experienced the first time around. And it feels like my body is fighting harder than ever to hang onto this weight. But I am doing this. One day at a time.

I’ve been gone…in more ways than one. I am slowly trying to get back. Baby steps…

That moment when you realize your clutter might be out of control…when you literally lose your check book under a huge pile of neglected mail!

I know I ate well and responsibly the day before when I wake up hungry.  Last night I really wanted a snack and I stayed up far too late reading which only compounded my urge to snack. But I remembered how two months ago I said I meant business but kept making poor decisions. And I remembered how I had a goal of fitting into my work wardrobe again by my birthday.  Well, my birthday is in a little less than a month and I won’t fit into all of my clothes again. But I can definitely still lose some noticeable weight. Sometimes eating well and not bingeing is so hard, but so is being overweight and disappointed and ashamed of the poor decisions I make.

Now I am off to try to be productive at work. How can it only be Tuesday?

Sigh…that is all.

Had a pretty nice swim earlier today. I wish I could feel like this after every work out. One thing I do miss about unemployment was the ability to swim at least four times a week. Now I struggle to swim twice a week.

I had a bad eating week but for now I am back on track. We’ll see how much headway I make in these extra pounds by my birthday. I am seriously worried that my fall blouses and jacket won’t fit. Fall is my favorite season but I am praying summer weather sticks around for a while.

Charlie is all tuckered out from our celebration after the big game. He has no idea why I yell at the tv but I know deep down he’s rooting for Michigan too!

Charlie is all tuckered out from our celebration after the big game. He has no idea why I yell at the tv but I know deep down he’s rooting for Michigan too!

Took today off. However, I actually had to wake up earlier than I would on a regular work day because I took my car to the shop. Later I will try to resist my inclination to nap and will head to the gym. Unfortunately it is not in my head that my jeans are noticeably tighter today. And then a friend and I are hoping to win last minute tickets to The Book of Mormon. I have a busy day and a busy weekend but I still plan to catch up on rest!

Here’s to hoping they don’t find something wrong with my car in their diligent search to find ways to take my money…

So I never made it to the gym. Every Tuesday I get caught up in the ESPN documentary series Nine for IX and then I move on to Rizzoli and Isles. I forget that my dvr is recording the shows and by the time they are finished my tush is firmly planted on the couch!

No worries though. I struggled through a 30 day shred work out instead! Now it’s time to foam roll and shower and sleep. Just two more days until my extra long weekend!